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Heavy Gauge Stamped Cuff


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This veteran  jeweler, and her husband, Emerson Bill, are well-known for their heavy gauge silver pieces, with exceptionally deep stamping

Hand stamping on thick silver requires considerable strength; cleanly defined, precise stamp designs require great skill – must be right the first and only time.

Nora Tahe Bill, like Emerson, has mastered this art and skill, creating pieces of unusual heft and exceptional depth.

This handsome cuff is beautifully graphic, thanks to the extraordinary depth of the stamping, that stands out (literally and figuratively) from the velvety darkened base.

The interior and edges are polished smoothly, for comfort.

The rug-like pattern is composed of motifs that refer to mountains, water, the sun, and other traditional symbols.

Substantial in material, with a strong design, this dramatic, masterfully stamped bracelet makes a powerful impression.

Lucky the person whose wrist this fits!

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Sterling Silver


1 1/4" W