Heavy Gauge Silver Track Style Cuff


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Elvira learned from her parents, highly respected jewelers Emerson Bill and Nora Tahe-Bill.

A military veteran, she returned home to raise her young daughter, and pursue her art.

This cuff is impressive. The silver is an exceptionally heavy gauge, and the design is very striking.

She has soldered two hefty sheets of silver together, to form this thickness.

The deep stamping at the ends, and the even deeper chiseling that forms the design, require considerable physical strength as well as an artistic vision.

Simple, but powerful in effect, this is a marvelous cuff for a large wrist.

A hard-to-find size, this would make many men happy, with a graphically handsome design and hefty weight.

Additional information


Sterling Silver

Cuff Size


Gap Size

1 3/4"

Wrist Size

7 3/4"


1 1/2" W