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Heavy-Gauge Micro-Mosaic Link Bracelet


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The foremost bibliography of Indian jewelry artists bluntly declares: “Carl and Irene Clark are among the greatest Indian jewelers in history.”

The fame of their incredibly tiny, mosaic inlay pieces is world-wide. Their work is proudly exhibited in museums and worn on happy collectors, everywhere.

In a new style for them, this is a link bracelet, not a cuff.

Like most of their pieces, this gorgeous bracelet contains hundreds of minuscule pieces of various natural stones, all of gem quality.

True to their reputation for the highest quality in workmanship and materials, the silver is of an unusually heavy, and handsome, gauge.

Curved ergonomically, to fit the shape of the human arm, the center is inlaid with their signature Yei design.

The brilliant arrangement of fine stones – red coral, Kingman turquoise, lapis, jet and mother of pearl (all natural, of course) – glows with color, and glistens with the iridescence of the nacre.

Not only is the design composed of myriad tiny pieces of stones and shell, the dark lines that separate the stones on the body of the figure, and the horizontal lines that comprise his breastplate, are hair-thin slivers of  inlaid jet.

Bright Kingman turquoise forms the upper body of the Yei, while red coral predominates above, and below, shading into rich blue lapis at the bottom.

On the reverse of this beautiful centerpiece, the silver is chiseled and stamped into a lovely wavy pattern that signifies flowing water- great good luck in the high desert.

Next, we see the amazingly handsome silver links that complete the bracelet.

Here, the unusual heft of the silver is obvious, and adds to the all-over effect of substance and beauty.

The braided design is a wonderful contrast to the minute scale of the inlaid area, in size, texture, and shimmer.

Each link is fully 1/8-inch thick. The elongated forms are voluptuously rounded but flat on the surface, for maximum reflection and gleam.

Everything this celebrated duo creates is extraordinary; this link bracelet is of jaw-dropping beauty and incredible craftsmanship, as always.

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Natural Lapis, Sterling Silver I Natural Mother of Pearl I Red Coral I Turquoise I Jet

Wrist Size

8 1/4"