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Heavy-Gauge Ketoh Style Buckle


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This relative of Jennifer, and the late Thomas, Curtis is just as adept with fine chisel work and stamping as his legendary family.

This superlative buckle is a stunning display of his expertise.

The silver is luxuriously substantial, with the center, the curvy forms, and the tiny fluted beads, overlaid on the sturdy base.

Centered high above the ornate, but balanced, silver work, sits a magnificent, natural, spider-webbed Kingman turquoise.

The quality of this stone shows in its thickness, and in the square shape; only the highest standard of hardness will allow cutting a natural turquoise into straight lines.

Displaying the beautiful, clear blue of the best Kingman stones, the spider web of matrix is another prized attribute.

A stone as special as this is called for when the silver work is equally extraordinary.

Inspired by the historic, traditional designs of bow-guards, the artist has elaborated the buckle’s design, in his own way.

The stone is held in a toothed, hand-cut bezel surrounded, in turn, by a twisted rope of silver.

This centers a spray of tapered, hand-cut forms that resemble petals, feathers, or sun rays, that is framed by a band of plain, polished silver.

This whole center medallion is applied over another layer of silver, which is flawlessly stamped into a textured look, and edged with a narrower band of plain silver.

All of the ornamental, circular center work is overlaid on the darkened, base layer of silver.

A series of curved, almost heart-shaped, forms flank the center, with polished edges and minutely stamped or chiseled interiors.

A broader, triangular form, that matches these, is placed at the top and bottom of the center and flanked in turn by a pair of fluted half-beads.

At each side of the buckle, extends a fan of stylized feathers chiseled from the base layer of silver.

The four curved and tapered forms that embrace these feathers, have been cut out of the bottom layer of silver.

Then, a rounded form was applied over them, adding more unadorned surface to gleam and glisten.

This buckle is remarkable in its elaborate, but symmetrical, design, the balance of textured and plain surfaces, the interplay of curved and straight lines, the gorgeous, natural stone, and the overall quality of the materials and exemplary workmanship.

Tradition lives on, but with more refinement and artistry than ever before, in the hands of this remarkable artist.

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Natural Spider Web Kingman Turquoise, Sterling Silver


3 1/2" W x 2 1/2" H