Heavy Gauge Cuff with Damele Turquoise



Internationally acclaimed, multi-award-winning flute maker, performer, and educator in Native American flute traditions, and also – accomplished jeweler!

Mastery in one medium transfers to another, if you are super-gifted, as this precise and handsome bracelet attests.

This hand-wrought bracelet reflects the same meticulous craftsmanship, utilizing fine materials, as his award-winning flutes.

Solid, in a really heavy gauge of silver, this cuff would suit men, as well as women.

Flawless and attractive stamping covers both sides of the piece, with a fascinating, natural Damele turquoise in the center.

This mine is in Nevada, and the finest examples feature a spiderweb matrix pattern, as seen here.

The stone is set high and horizontally, conforming to the width of the silver, which results in a sense of harmony and serenity.

The plain bezel is high, of lightly brushed silver like the rest of the bracelet.

A narrow border around it is precisely stamped into a rope-like design, adding a pleasing bit of texture.

The flowing lines of the surface stamp work resemble running water, but given Tim’s Plains heritage, it may refer to other symbols.

It is beautifully designed and impeccably fabricated by hand.

This weighty bracelet says “Top Quality” in every way; refined in workmanship and understated in design, with a powerful presence and a wonderful, sought-after, natural stone.

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