Heart with Sunface Pin/Pendant


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A totally charming little pin/pendant by this long-time jeweler. Ola has been known for over thirty years for her classic Zuni lapidary work. In this sweet piece, she has enclosed the iconic Sunface in a natural, yellow mother of pearl inlaid heart.The little Sunface shows the traditional arrangement of natural coral, with jet lines marking the facial features, and sky-blue turquoise on the rest of the piece. The entire Sunface is inlaid in a beautifully formed heart of yellow mother of pearl, with sparkling silver channels separating each piece of shell. The mother of pearl is luminous, and the pale gold color suggests the sun that is cushioned in it. Stamped silver rosettes at top and bottom, add to the glitter, and even resemble stars.The effect is delightful, colorful, and unusual. The materials are first-rate; so is the workmanship and the design. Pin it, or hang it on a delicate chain; either way, a wonderful gift for someone special, any time of year.

Sterling Silver, Gold Lip Mother of Pearl, Turquoise, Red Coral, Jet

Width: 1″ Height: 1 1/8″