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“Healing Journey” Bracelet


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Julius is one of the very talented, very numerous, Eustaces, who all learned, and are descended, from Ben and Felicita Eustace.

His mother is Charlotte Pena, and among his aunts, uncles and cousins are Jolene, Christina, Bernadette, and Lambert Eustace, and Eric Othole.

This dainty bracelet is a lovely tribute to the blessings of water, the source of life.

It is rounded on the inside, and concave on the exterior, where a series of watery symbols – and a couple of beautiful stones – nestle in the center.

Atop the center, a leaf form, hand-carved from forest green chrysoprase, is embraced by a silver frame, with a globe of 18-karat gold at the top.

That touch of bright gold evokes the sun, to balance the water. This results in green leaves and healthy crops. Wavy bands of silver, on either side of the center, refer to streams and rivers, while the spirals also symbolize water, in the form of storms and rainclouds.

Two small but vibrant stones are set, one on each side: one is a scintillating opal, the other is a limpid, fresh green tourmaline.

Each stone is a beautiful, sparkling and shining contrast to the solid, dark green chrysoprase.

The silver is precisely shaped, gleaming like water in the sun.

A  delicate but sturdy bracelet that exquisitely symbolizes a fundamental story: a balance of water and sun in results in happiness, prosperity, and good health.

Lovely thought; beautifully achieved.

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Lab Opal, Natural Chrysoprase, Natural Tourmaline, Sterling silver I 18-Karat Gold

Wrist Size

5" + 1 1/4" gap | 6 1/4" all around