“Harvest Time”


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We are so excited to introduce you to James Goodman, an extremely talented Navajo sculptor who is known for the life-like realism in his work.

James Goodman attended stone sculpture classes at POEH Sculptural Center for three years and had hands-on guidance from Robert Dale Tsosie, Adrian Wall, Carl Bernie, and Ryan Benally.

He has won ribbons at many shows including 1st Place, Best of Category, and Best of Division, and just looking at his work, it is easy to see why.

He is focused on honing his knowledge of the character and personality of the stones he works with, preferring to let the stone tell him what it wants to be and interpreting that so he can aptly tell the stone’s story to the rest of the world.

Each stone is a spiritual journey for him and reveals its story to him as he works with it to show it’s true essence.

In this medium-sized detailed sculpture, James has used Nebraska Limestone and Granite.  Millions of metric tons of Limestone is mined in Nebraska each year, both in huge quarries and in underground mines. Limestone is also used in road materials such as asphalt and concrete and in other construction processes.

This Limestone has been used to depict a young woman bringing some of the new harvest home, to her family. As in all of James Goodman’s work, you can see the motion and emotion. She’s dressed traditionally, clearly walking through a breeze or wind of some kind, straining a little to carry her reward for her hard work. She’s concentrating on each step and expending energy with each movement, careful not to spill anything. She’ll be happy to reach her destination and lighten her load.

The Granite base adds some contrast to the lighter colored Limestone, completing the composition.

This is a lovely, detailed sculpture, an example of realism at it’s finest.

James is truly talented, and we are so happy to welcome him to the Wright’s family!

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