Happy Pig Antler Carving


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Have you ever seen a smiling pig? Master carver Ray Tsalate has created a deliriously happy porcine, with his usual skill, artistry and whimsy.

You will smile, too at his antics, and who can’t use a smile, these days? Joyously grinning, this sizable piggy is plumply appealing.

He seems to be doing a delighted breakdance, on his rump, with all four hooves extended. Obviously, with turquoise eyes and such an acrobatic move, this is no ordinary pig.

Solidly balanced, despite his caught-in-action pose, the body of the figure is carved, burnished and darkened in a dramatic pattern.

The extraordinary carving combines polished and smooth areas with the darker textures of the natural antler, masterfully used to emphasize the form. And, notice his curly tail – made of gleaming copper

This little piggy will brighten your days, as soon as he squeals all the way home!

For serious collectors, this is a really special piece  – another of this celebrated carver’s amazingly imaginative creations.



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