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Happy Clown Earrings


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This highly respected jeweler turns out beautifully crafted, well-designed pieces that are attractive, appealing, wearable – and amazing values.

Look at these marvelous earrings. They show laughing Koshares, the Pueblo clowns who wear horned headdresses and act goofy.

Fabricated with exceptional skill ( which is usual for this wonderful artist), each earring combines a flat, polished headdress with a hollow-form, three dimensional face.

The light will bounce off the silver as you move, creating even more attention to the unusual design.

Each Koshare is grinning gleefully, showing off a snaggle tooth, under a round nose and happy eyes.

The workmanship is meticulous; the design is captivating, and traditional, too.

For the price of costume jewelry, he created an heirloom.

You – or a lucky someone – can enjoy this delightful, unique design, and the intrigued admiration of onlookers.

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1" L x 3/4" W


Sterling Silver