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Happy Bear with Trout


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No wonder this bear is smiling; dinner is in hand (literally)!

Like his mother, Fannie Loretto, and big sister, Kathleen Wall, Marcus creates figural pieces in traditionally made pottery – and wins prizes for them. Big brother Adrian does the same, in other media.

Every bit of this piece is hand made, from hand gathered, mixed, formed, and painted natural clay, fired in the ground.

Wearing a necklace of natural shell heishi, the bear is very bear-ish and sports a charmingly delighted smile.

He holds a fat, rainbow trout in his front paws, demonstrating some of the bear’s traditional attributes – great hunting and survival skills.

Around the base, are stepped rain symbols, and bear paws. Both refer to good luck.

Bears are also honored as protectors, and this amiable ursine holds tightly onto that trout, so don’t even try to take it away, despite that winsome smile.

Well made, and a sweet combination of innovation and tradition, this is a delightful way to bring the bear’s power into your home.

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Acrylic Paint, Hand Processed Local Clay, Natural Shell, Vegetal Black Paint


7 3/8" H x 3 1/2" W x 3 1/8" Deep