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Hano Mana Tewa Girl Kachina


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Victor has returned to the Pueblo, from the oil and gas fields. His graceful, detailed carvings have won many prizes in the past, and will undoubtedly do so again. Like most of his work, this lovely kachina is a contemporary rendition, carved with great delicacy, grace and precision.

The simplicity of her stance, with head slightly turned, and the gracefully gathered blanket, is almost Asian in feel. The hand holding the basket is beautifully detailed, even down to the fingernails (!) and the basket itself is equally realistic. Her double tier “turquoise and clamshell ” necklace, and long matching earrings, are carefully rendered, as well.

Her long hair is beautiful; carved, then fading into paint at the very bottom, in back. Carved feathers adorn her hair. Ceremonial white moccasins peep out beneath the drape of the robe, and her form is suggested inside the tightly wrapped blanket. Beneath her feet, minuscule, Anasazi cliff dwelling ruins appear,every adobe brick, steps and kiva ladder crisply carved. She seems to stand above the memory of her ancestors.

The wood is as carefully finished as the rest of the piece, and smooth to the touch. This figure may be stockier than some – which is actually pretty realistic – but she is just as stately and elegant as other pieces, and has been carved and painted with the same, meticulous, serene beauty.

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Dead Cottonwood Root, Paint


9 1/4" H x 4 1/2" W x 3 1/2" deep