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Hano Mana Kachina


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This figure is carved with meticulous care, fashioned with the artist’s characteristic, intricate, life-like detail. Timothy also paints his pieces with the same scrupulous attention, over a considerable period of time, using the best artists’ oil paints – a very unusual choice, but one that doesn’t dry out the wood. He can also achieve endlessly modifiable and subtle effects with oils, as opposed to stains or poster paints (gouache).

There are so many notable details to point out in this piece: the folds in her skirt, blanket and moccasins; how her long hair is echoed in the graceful ovals of the blanket’s folds; the realistic eagle feather on her head; the wooden base that really looks like a rock, and so much more. One of the outstanding features of this piece, and all of Timothy’s work, is the wonderful manipulation of the paint. Look at the her skirt, the rock, the moccasins; the carving is beautifully accentuated by the painterly modulations – the figure is treated as if it were on canvas.Hano Mana is also called Tewa Girl, and appears in the pre-planting season Bean Dance. As such, she represents the hope and wish for a good harvest, enough to eat over the next winter, and a good luck symbol: Note the armful of corn(?) she is carrying.

This is a splendid example of realistic kachina carving, one that is faithful to tradition, and transformed into a work of art.

Cottonwood, Paint

Width: 4 1/2″ Height: 6 3/8″ Depth: 3 3/8″