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Award-winning son of celebrated jeweler Jake Livingston, this artist is known for both traditional and contemporary designs – all beautifully hand wrought, with outstanding stones.

In this bracelet, we have an outstanding example of his work.

The splendid, natural turquoise is covered with a lacy web – hence the term “spiderweb”.

It is large, beautiful, and beautifully shaped in a plump oval.

Three bezels set it apart from the rest of the bracelet: one chiseled into a dentil design; one simple, polished silver, and the last, seamlessly inlaid with matching turquoise.

The stone and its extraordinary setting is set above the silver cuff, on a short, simple pedestal of silver.

Flanking the turquoise, on both sides, are applied fans of stylized feathers (symbols of hopes and prayers) and repousse crescents, gleaming against the chiseled surface of the cuff.

That surface is just as remarkable in design and workmanship as the centerpiece: an overall grid of chiseled squares so precise it resembles graph paper.

This “graph paper”, however, has flared and scalloped edges, top and bottom.

The total effect of the small-scale, all-over pattern, the dainty, flared scallops, and the glittering, curved forms that frame the fabulous turquoise center, is one of dazzling opulence.

It hardly needs saying that every bit of this gorgeous bracelet has been fashioned by hand.

Every complex bit, from the chiseling, the inlay, the repousse, the making and application of the side pieces, and the stone itself, is the product of this artist’s hands and eye.

Award-winning artist; magnificent bracelet.



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Sterling Silver I Natural Turquoise

Cuff Size

5 1/2"

Gap Size


Wrist Size

6 1/2"


1 1/4" W