Hand-Stamped Beaded Necklace


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Everett and Mary Teller are a self-taught, husband and wife team that has been making jewelry for over 20 years.  Their work is always clean and generally showcases beautiful high-quality stones.

But this is something different, something that they don’t do often (it’s actually the first one we’ve ever seen of theirs!)

This handmade bead necklace showcases a variety of different beads – barrel beads, scalloped beads, small saucer beads, and larger, textured beads.  They are strung together to create a uniquely elegant necklace that can be worn as a standalone or can hold a large-baled pendant.

The texture looks like it has been created using a rolling mill, but that is not the case.  Each of the tiny designs has been hand-stamped into the silver.  The effect is an abstract design that loosely resembles a brocade.  The pattern is softening and adds to the flow of the necklace.  Interspersed are small, high-polished silver beads, strung next to oxidized scalloped beads that create a contrast in the necklace, giving the oxidized patterns even more life.

A stunning piece, made by veteran jewelers, in a unique style, these beads will be your go-to accessory!

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