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Hand Painted Yei Pendant on Red Coral Heishi


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This award-winning artist has created a completely unique genre, combining his interests in pottery and jewelry, with a new style, technique and choice of materials. This remarkable, hand-painted ceramic jewelry has been featured in national magazines, awarded many prizes, and is included in many major collections of Native art.

A well-wrought, beautifully chiseled silver frame is shaped in the traditional rain patterns; the parallel chiseled lines resemble rainfall. In each of the four directions, a tiny fluted silver bead is flanked by even tinier glittering silver domes. Sitting above this, enclosed in a simple bezel of mirror-like silver, the complex painted design glows like a stained glass window.

The dazzlingly intricate design is full of radiant color and lively movement. Meticulously painted by hand, it is beautifully composed of a wealth of angular designs of many traditional symbols having to do with water, rain, prayers, winds, and rainbows. In the center, surmounted and surrounded by a variety of stylized feathers, is a Yei face. It is distinguished by the half-circle form that is different from all the other designs.Yeis, Navajo spirits, convey the hopes and prayers of mankind up to the heavens.

Within the rounded shape of the Yei, its eyes are formed of angular spirals, denoting wind. One “eye” is in sunny colors; the other in watery blues. Below, there are zig-zags representing waterways and rain, and a balance of hot and cool colors. These symbolize the prayed-for balance of sun and rain, which will foster the growth of crops, represented by the half-seen cornstalk at the bottom center. A tiny cross form signifies the four corners of the earth, where the bounty of these prayers is meant to spread.

That is the meaning of the complex arrangement of symbols, shapes, and colors; the brilliant hues and complementary patterns can be enjoyed for their gorgeousness, without analysis, just as well. On the back, sterling silver is stamped in a pleasingly simpler pattern, so this resplendent pendant can really be worn both ways.

We haven’t even considered the equally magnificent 5-strands of natural red coral cylinders that support the pendant! All by itself, this sleek stream of satiny heishi is a beautiful, supremely wearable necklace. The artist has made it possible to wear the pendant and the coral necklace separately, as well as together. Each is outstanding; together they form a magnificent piece that – like most Native jewelry – can be worn with just about everything you own, for just about every occasion, from walking the dog to elegant dinners, and everything in between.

Something truly different, astonishing, beautiful, and very versatile.

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Ceramic, Enamel Paint, Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver