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Hand Painted Turtle Earrings


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Combining his interests in pottery and jewelry, this well-known, prize-winner has created a totally individual genre. The result is finely detailed, intricately painted commercial ceramic, set in silver, as here. Flawlessly simple sterling silver sets off the stained glass effect of the traditional design.


Meticulously hand-painted, the decorative design is of turtles. Turtles live in and near water, and water means thriving crops, which means happiness, health, abundance and general good luck. Impeccably painted, the indelible colors are outlined in black, just like actual stained glass. The colors are over-glazed, so will not run. The turtles seem to be floating happily in a pastel background of pale blue- for water and sky – and peach. The effect is of sunrise or sunset in a stream or river.


The vertical lines on their shells represent rainfall, and the rich red of head and flippers refers to the land, completing the balance of nature, which is essential for healthy crops. Contained within a circular frame of gleaming silver, the effect is decorative, noticeable, but delicate.


These earrings will go with practically everything, and the message of good luck is as welcome as the beauty of the earrings. Here is some of the most unusual jewelry made, flawlessly created by this multi-talented, award-winning artist.

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Ceramic, Paint, Sterling Silver


3/4" diameter, About 1 " long with wire