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Hand-Painted Tote Bag


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Something delightfully new – a hand-painted tote bag with a velcro clasp.

Rich, chocolate brown canvas is sized just right for holding your necessities (and then some) and throwing it over your shoulder, to be admired, as you go about your daily round.

One side, moreover, is beautifully painted in vibrant colors, featuring a lovely butterfly over a stepped design, with dots, and symbols of the four directions.

Brilliant teal forms the background, covered with delicate, parallel lines that are gold at the top, segueing into red, at the bottom.

The stepped escutcheon, over this, also shades from golden tan at the top, to bright red at the bottom.

Fluttering over the center, the butterfly is bright yellow-green and mauve, with dainty lines that sparkle, on the mauve.

Wavy turquoise lines, and red and black dots, decorate the wings, with a black body accented with a white zig-zag.

All the dots refer to water drops, while the all-over lines on the turquoise background symbolize rainfall.

The wavy and zig-zag lines signify waterways, and the cross forms designate the four geographic directions.

The blessings of water – the source of life – is meant to extend to the four corners of the earth, while the butterfly helps to propagate plants and crops.

Warm and cool colors symbolize the resulting balance of nature: sun and land; sky and water.

A strikingly pretty design with a lot of meaning, on a bag with a lot of usefulness – and it is completely lined, too!


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Acrylic Paint, Canvas, Cloth


Bag Itself 10" L x 9 1/2" W | With Strap 35" L