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Hand-Painted Shoulderbag


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Navajo folk art is famous, mostly for carved figures, but here is something different: beautiful, unique, and usable.

Totally hand made, this sturdy canvas bag comes complete with a long cord for over-the-body wear, a velcro fastening for security, and is entirely lined with soft cotton, with a design of horses.

Navajos are known as horsemen, and there are a couple of abstract horse heads seen on the outer painting, too.

Other traditional symbols include wavy turquoise lines of water, stepped shapes and parallel lines of rainfall, circles, spirals, and dots for water drops.

All composed in a vibrant and dynamic design.

The painting on the bag incorporates a wonderful collection of joyful colors that sing of beauty and life: turquoise, pink, coral, soft green, blue-violet, golden yellow.

The luscious colors are reined in by the darks; a navy blue night sky, dotted with gold stars, and the black antennae and body of the lovely butterfly, in front.

Creative, lovely to look at, and functional, too, this is a delightful and unexpected way to bring tradition into our times.

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Acrylic Paint, Canvas


8 7/8" L x 7" W