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An award-winning artist, he has created a completely unique style, technique and choice of materials, by combining his interests in pottery and jewelry. This remarkable, hand-painted ceramic jewelry has been featured in national magazines, awarded many prizes, and is included in many major collections of Native art.

A well-wrought, beautifully simple, silver frame glistens calmly, allowing the complex design within to glow like a stained glass window. The dazzlingly intricate design is full of radiant color and lively movement, and is meticulously painted by hand. It is beautifully composed of concentric, circular bands that contain many, many traditional symbols. The form of the silver is echoed in the teardrop-shaped borders of these designs: cloud, rain, wind, and water symbols, along with fans of feathers, which denote prayers for the balance of rain and sun. To the right, toward the top, a pale blue area has a leafy sprig, and tiny dots and crosses. The cross-like forms represent the four geographic directions, indicating that the benefits of rain – the dots are raindrops – result in crops, and happiness all around.

Offset in the center, is a stylized, circular Sunface with a bright blue vertical bar, a red horizontal bar, and an area of black at the right. The tiny cornstalk at the bottom of this Sunface is flanked by wavy lines of water, and a red cross, again, meaning that the beneficial balance of nature, resulting in enough to eat, should extend to all four corners of the earth. Health, happiness and prosperity follow an abundant harvest. The outside band around the Sunface itself holds blue feathers forms, red and yellow abstract sun rays, some linear rainfall symbols, and stylized leaf shapes in blue and yellow-green. These are more than merely decorative; they all add to the general message of Nature in balance, resulting in good things for all mankind.

The gorgeous colors range from vivid to ethereal, arranged in artful balance. Reds and yellows refer to the earth and the sun, blues to water and the heavens, and the happy greens to healthy plants. The ceramic clay has been glazed, so the paint is permanent. The silver clasp, made by hand and solid, allows the pendant to slip over a variety of collars, chains, or beads. The many colors are surprisingly neutral, and will go with just about any others.

This pendant is truly distinctive in method, execution and appearance, and is not only gorgeously decorative, but meaningful – made for someone who values the unique and the exceptional.

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Commercial Clay, Enamel Paints, Sterling Silver


2 5/8" long x 1 1/2" wide