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Hand Painted Choker


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An award-winning artist, Allen Aragon has created a completely unique style technique and choice of materials, by combining his interests in pottery and jewelry.

Allen’s remarkable, hand-painted ceramic jewelry has been featured in national magazines, awarded many prizes, and is included in many major collections of Native art.

A well-wrought, beautifully simple silver frame glistens calmly, allowing the complex design within to glow like a stained glass window.

The dazzlingly intricate design is full of radiant color and lively movement, and is meticulously painted by hand.

It is beautifully composed, a vibrant mosaic design containing many traditional symbols.

Cloud, rain, wind, and water symbols, along with abstract feathers, which denote prayers for that life-giving resource, abound.

At the center, toward the bottom, a round shape resembles the sun, divided into red – for land/day – and blue -water/sky/night.

Cross-like forms, to the right, represent the four geographic directions; the prayed-for extent of the balance of water/rain and sun.

Throughout the intricate design, the clear and modulated colors are beautifully balanced between warm golds and reds, and cool teals and aquas.

Atop the pendant, a crown of tiny silver domes gleams like raindrops. The silver frame also glistens in the light.

A hand-shaped choker of silver wire is chiseled, almost imperceptibly.

The wavy form is pretty, and unexpected. It again refers to water.

The pendant detaches, so the choker can be worn by itself, a nice bit of flexibility.

Unique in its concept of painted ceramic, with flawless workmanship in every medium, this is a remarkable piece.

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Ceramic, Commercial Paint, Sterling Silver


18", Pendant is 1"L x 3/4" W