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Hand Painted Ceramic and Silver Bolo


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This award-winning artist has combined his interests in pottery and jewelry, and created a totally unique genre.

It has generated much approval from judges and collectors, and has been featured in national publications.

The simplicity of the well-wrought sterling setting provides a calming frame for the complex design on ceramic clay. Meticulously hand-painted, the intricate pattern is a dazzling whirl of color and movement.

In fact, the design is made up of many abstract cloud, rain, and water symbols, along with feathers which denote prayers, in vivid and subtle colors. Integrated into the design in the lower left, is a stylized sun, with a tiny cornstalk at its bottom center.

This is the prayed-for result of the balanced relationship between sun and water – a bountiful harvest: Health and happiness ensue. A water spiral, lightning, other symbols are rendered in precise detail and a pleasing balance of light and bright hues.

The clay has been glazed, so the paint is permanent. The beautifully simple cylinder tips complement the gleaming silver border of the bolo. Even the silver clasp is made by hand, and is solid.

The many colors are surprisingly neutral, and will go with just about any others: black, tan, blue, brown, grey, and more.

This bolo is truly distinctive in method, execution and look, and is not only decorative but meaningful – made for someone who values the unique and the exceptional.



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Commercial Clay, Enamel Paint, Leather, Sterling Silver


2 1/8" L x 1 1/2"W, Cord 40" L, Tips 2" L