Hand-Chiseled Morenci Ring

Gabe Natan


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Gabe Natan is fast becoming a favorite. His father, Gene, is well-known for his vintage designs and was Gabe’s main teacher.

Judging by this handsome ring, it is apparent that he has a bright future ahead of him!

Heavy gauge silver is adorned with a variety of harmonious designs that follow and enhance its ergonomic, graceful curve.

Stamped, chiseled, appliqued, darkened, and polished, the chunky, sweeping form was hammered out of ingot silver.

Rather than a sheet of silver, this ring started as a silver brick that was pounded into its present thickness and ornamented.

This technique is now uncommon, and very labor-intensive, requiring brute strength as well as artistic vision.

The luxuriant ornamentation is balanced, repetitive, remarkably handsome, and lively, and includes a fantastic Natural Morenci Turquoise cabochon as the ring’s centerpiece!

With a nod to the past, in material, design elements, and techniques, the artist has fashioned a ring that is very much in tune with today’s esthetic.

This is a gorgeous piece by an up-and-coming artist who is keeping old traditions alive within his own contemporary artistic vision!

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