Hammered Spiral Dangles



A prodigiously talented lady, she won blue ribbons in painting, clothing, sculpture, and jewelry – all at the same Santa Fe Indian Market!

These knock-’em-dead earrings, like all her jewelry, are as individual as she is: contemporary, flirtatious, bold, but tempered with a feminine sensibility.

Actually, the shape and symbolism of the spiral is ancient and traditional, but in her spectacular interpretation it becomes a fashion statement.

Carefully made, sinuous curves of hand-hammered sterling, like ripples in a moonlit river, will swing and glisten as you move.

The spiral symbol represents water; water means very good luck, in the desert. Amping up the size, makes these spirals viral!

Curvaceous, flattering, attention-getting, and light-weight, as well as light-hearted, these are chic, wonderfully wearable, and sensational.

Whether going on errands or going dancing, put these on, flaunt your confident style, and enjoy the compliments!

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Sterling Silver


2 3/4" L x 1 7/8" W