Hammered Silver Mica Hoops


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After making a national splash as runner-up on “Project Runway”, this multi-talented artist has turned to jewelry, to accessorize her couture fashions.

And her jewelry is as individual, unique – and wearable – as her clothes. Look at these fascinating earrings.

Blending sterling silver and natural mica from her Taos Pueblo homeland, these earrings are abstract, edgy, fashionable, comfortable, and utterly fabulous.

The natural mica has differing layers of thickness and variable markings, so some of it is transparent, and some areas are translucent. All of it is dramatic.

The hand-hammered silver hoops echo the asymmetrical, geometric shapes of the mica, in a subtle and masterful bit of artistry and contrast.

Each earring is little different in size, owing to the shape of the respective sheets of mica.

Dangling on the silver wires, the feather-light earrings sway and dance, so they send off glints and gleams, depending on the light.

For art lovers, the fashion-forward, and those who like to stand out from the crowd!

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