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Hammered Petroglyph Dangles


Hammered silver rectangles, with cutout deer. Handmade by  a 12-year-old son of Aaron John.

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Aaron John is an esteemed jeweler, whose nature-oriented work is beautiful in design and execution. These earrings, by a close relative of his, shows evidence of the same gifts.

Okay, these are made by his 12-year-old son! A handsome start to a young and very promising career.

Hand hammered silver rectangles are nicely proportioned, and embellished by a cut-out of a petroglyph-style deer. This deer is especially delicate and graceful, and the earrings are super-wearable every day. The texture of the silver is reminiscent of the rock faces that petroglyphs are carved into.

Light on the ear, but of a good gauge of silver, you will put them on and forget about them – until the compliments start.

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Sterling Silver


1 3/8"