Grey Wedding Vase



Wedding vases are traditionally used in Pueblo marriage ceremonies.

The double spouts emerging from one body symbolize the joining of two people into one unit.

What sets this wedding vase apart from almost all others that we have seen is the unusual palette of grey, black and white.

The potter, one of the large, award-winning Fragua family, has covered the local Jemez Pueblo clay with a warm grey clay slip that is also natural.

The decorations in black and white refer to that fundamental good luck symbol, water.

On one side, stepped rain signs follow the curve of the carved lines that suggest rivers, while the many white dots represent water drops.

Different designs that symbolize water, clouds and rain adorn the other side.

Even the speckles of grey and black on the white areas are meant to resemble water-spotted earth.

There are grey wind and cloud symbols in this area along with angular black lines that symbolize rivers.

A traditional form, with traditional good luck signs, created with a very different, non-traditional selection of colors.

This is an interesting example of the evolution of Native art in the 21st-century, and a fine wedding or anniversary gift.

Additional information


Vegetal Paint, Natural Clay, Natural Clay Slip




6 3/8"


4 1/4"