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Grey Alabaster Bear Head


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This sculptor is celebrated for his animal portraits in stone. Bears are a particular favorite, symbolizing strength, protection, courage and healing. This alabaster sculpture captures the essence of the bear, in a particularly attractive stone.The varied grey tones and patterns in the alabaster seem to mimic the furry pelt of a bear. Most of the sculpture is polished, although over the subtle texture of the sculptor’s chiseling. The head is utterly realistic, and the thick neck conveys a feeling of the whole burly animal without any further need for detail. As an interesting artistic choice, the back of the head is textured, allowing for a different hue, as well as a variation in surface.Perfect for a desk, shelf or mantel, this bear is a handsome expression of this iconic animal. His protection, healing, courage and strength can transfer to your home. Good to look at; good to have around.

Alabaster, Wood

Width: 4 7/8″ Height: 7″ Depth: 5″