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Green Water Serpent Bowl


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Formerly married to famed San Ildefonso potter Tse-Pe, this artist has generally adopted his carved and sgrafitto style.  As shown in this vibrantly Spring-like bowl, she has used it in her own way.

This handsome bowl actually enjoys two different decorative styles: the background of the center band is textured, setting off the elegantly formed Avanyu, the water serpent, omen of good harvests.

The uncommon, apple green clay slip is found in far northern New Mexico.

It is entirely natural, made from powdered clay that is mixed with water to form a thick paint.

The whole, elegantly curved piece sparkles with grains of mica, which is mixed into the green slip.

Entirely traditionally formed, with hand made clay, hand coiled, hand decorated, stone burnished, and pit-fired.

This is a beautiful,  beautifully fabricated bowl by a recognized artist.



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Natural Handmade Clay and Clay Slip


6 7/8" diameter x 4 1/4' H