Green Turquoise Ribbed Ring

Bryan Joe


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Son of Master jeweler Al Joe, Bryan has silversmithing talent ingrained in his DNA. His work is clean and creative, already garnering prizes.

He is a master of casting and delicate texturing, in his silver work, and he always uses natural turquoise stones of high quality.

This show-stopping ring features a fabulous, large, natural Damale turquoise, from a small mine in Nevada. It is noted for its variety of green hues, and for its hardness.

This particular stone has depths of glorious, rich greens, with a dramatic slash of matrix that turns the turquoise into a modern painting.

A bezel of deeply chiseled silver embraces the graceful oval of the stone, without deflecting attention from its glorious color.

The shank is an unusual design that the artist is fond of: a palisade of textured ribs.

They form a simple, but striking, pattern that echoes the vertical lines chiseled into the bezel.

Look inside, and you see that each rib has been pushed out of a substantial sheet of silver. Each one is textured, on the exterior.

The indented areas of the shank have been darkened, which accentuates the three-dimensional effect.

The stone is spectacular, in size and color; the silver work is deferential to the turquoise but just as robust and uncommon.

Continuing along the path blazed by his famous father, this young artist is paving it with his own, fascinating designs.

We can’t wait to see what he next brings us.

PS There is a compatible bracelet by this artist, in a similar, intriguing design.

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