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Green Turquoise Bug Pin/Pendant


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A new version of historic Navajo insect jewelry, this handsome bug is both pin and pendant.

With delicate legs and antennae, tiny silver eyes, and a row of tinier silver domes outlining its body, this bug is quite decorative.

The most stunning attribute, though, is the gorgeous, deep green, King’s Manassa turquoise that forms its body.

Stabilized, to be harder than it was originally, but natural turquoise, the rich color of the stones is dazzling.

A delightful, meticulously fabricated, graceful, rendition of a traditional jewelry motif.

Pin it, or hang it from a chain; it will always look intriguing and elicit admiration. for the stupendous color and dainty form.

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Stabilized Natural Kings Manassas Turquoise, Sterling Silver


2" L x 1 5/8" W x 1/2" H