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Green Leaf Pendant


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One of the most high-profile artists in a large and respected family of jewelers, Jolene has literally carved her own niche.

Her late father, Ben Eustace, was famous for his carved turquoise leaves in the 1970’s; she continues the tradition in her personal, award-winning way.

She still carves turquoise, and other, stones, but more abstractly, as here.

The settings are still hand-wrought sterling silver, but darkened and textured, with a rugged, archaic look.

An additional innovation is the use of 18-karat gold accents, which bring warmth and glitter to the piece.

In this all-turquoise piece, the hand-cut and beveled, beautiful, natural Royston turquoise stones on the top are set into a scalloped silver base.

In a medley of greens, and a pale hue, they really resemble leaves.

The carved turquoise teardrop, that dangles, is also natural Royston, in a deep, natural forest-y hue, and continues the symbolism from above.

Notice the 18-karat gold circles, at the top and bottom of the piece.

They not only add  warmth and gleaming contrast to the pendant, they represent the sun, which is needed to promote the growth of plants.

With its lovely range of delicious green hues, from pale to mysteriously deep, the pendant shimmers with rich, leafy beauty

Every bit of silver, gold and turquoise is hand fabricated.

The darkened and textured silver keeps one’s attention on the beautiful stones and the decorative shapes.

Jolene’s distinctive work has been recognized with many prizes and museum shows.

You will attract many fascinated compliments wearing this unusually beautiful pendant.

(PS, you can also pin it to a jacket’s lapel, with a safety pin. I won’t tell, and no one will guess.)

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18k Gold, Sterling Silver I Natural Royston Turquoise


2 1/2" L x 2 5/8" W