Green-Glass-Plus Frog

Lena Boone


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An old folk song goes, “There’s a little green frog, sittin’ in the water….” Well this little frog is actually not that little, and is a few shades of green and brown, blue and a bit of yellow, too.

For all that, he is very froggy in shape, even though the carving is minimal, in keeping with tradition.

Well camouflaged for his setting on the bank of a stream, the forest hues of this frog are handsome in themselves.

The carver is known for maintaining the tradition of abstract forms for fetishes, but has burst out of tradition in the material used – Venetian art glass.

The result is a glorious mix of gorgeous color and a recognizable, good luck fetish. The green and other, dark hues resemble the shady ponds where frogs live.

Frogs live in water, which is the greatest blessing in the desert, so multi-colored froggy, here, will convey good luck to your home.

He is extremely decorative, well-trained (never a croak), and sports a traditional medicine bundle. The pink mother of pearl arrow points the way for the good luck to go, anchored with bits of natural red coral, and turquoise.

Traditionally carved, yet colorfully contemporary, this frog will happily adorn your shelf, mantel, tabletop or…..

“For frog lovers, collectors, and you” – as Kermit the Frog might have sung.


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