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Green Glass Olla


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A traditional pottery shape, created by the magical blending of science and art that is hot-blown glass.

Tony is recognized as one of the masters of molten-blown glass art in the United States, Native, or not.

His reputation is applauded, and his collectors – private and museums – are found all over the world.

He is one of the few Native glass artists to prefer the hot-blown glass method, rather than slab or molded glass.

True to his Pueblo roots as a potter, most of Tony’s work derives from the traditional forms of Indian pottery; creativity, and the freedom allowed by glass blowing, takes over from there.

The cheerful apple-green color is a separate glass casing, blown over the clear glass base.

Glittering silver sparkles, concentric rings around the neck, the rim and the lower part, and the festive, free-form decorations, in multi-colors, were applied while the glass was still hot and turning on the blowing rod.

These provide a lively texture and contrast to the sunny green background.

Each step involved tremendous skill, artistic vision, physical strength, patience, flexibility – and some happy serendipity.

The result is animated, complex and gorgeous – a luminous, museum-worthy piece, by this internationally noted glass artist.

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Hot-Blown Glass


6" Diameter x 7 1/4" H