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Green Geometric Cloud Olla


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Marvelously graphic and contemporary in appearance, the design on this globe-shaped olla is the artist’s interpretation of the ancient storm cloud/ water spiral motif.

Located in northern Mexico, the potters of Mata Ortiz rediscovered shards of pots made hundreds of years ago, by their Pueblo ancestors who fled the return of Spanish rule in 1680.

Since the second half of the 20th-century, their pottery has become award-winning, innovative, and highly collected.

The pots are created just like Pueblo pottery north of the border: hand gathered, mixed, coiled, smoothed, painted, and pit-fired.

Precisely painted on creamy clay, the amazingly exact, tapered lines form an all-over geometric pattern.

The complex intersections make a jazzy, animated design full of energy that is esthetically pleasurable.

Flawlessly formed, and painted with exuberant precision, this is a pot that will enhance your decor, whether traditional, contemporary, country, or all of the above.

We can be thankful for the different economy to our south, for high quality like this, at prices that are accessible to all.

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Natural Clay and Pigment


4 1/2" high x 3 7/8" diameter