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Green Fluorite Bear Fetish


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The extended Eriacho family is highly respected for their leadership, and highly gifted, as well.

This younger member has carved a marvelously bear-like bear fetish from an uncommon stone – Zuni fluorite. It has a marbled, quartz-like crystal quality that is quite appealing.

The bear is Guardian Animal of the West, for the Zuni. At the head of the animal food chain, he protects and guards, and also aids in food gathering. So, very good luck to have in your home.

Although the piece is in the old style – more abstract, than detailed – it conveys the burly essence of the bear. The head, especially, is very expressive despite minimal detail.

Following tradition, a medicine bundle is attached to his back, with a hand made obsidian arrowhead, and coral and turquoise bits.

A wonderful example of an old tradition, by a younger artist from an honored family.































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Fluorite, Natural Red Coral, Obsidian, Sinew, Turquoise


3" L x 2" H x 1 1/8" Deep