Green & Blue Glass Frog

Lena Boone


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Following in the footsteps of her renowned father, Teddy Weahkee, Lena keeps her fetish carvings as close as possible to the original concept: a found stone that resembles a particular animal. They are something like abstract sculptures.

Recently, she has kept to this tradition in everything but materials: she has been happily using very unconventional, but gorgeous, art glass.

This blue and green frog is beautifully translucent. The blue resembles a summer sky, reflected in water; the green is compatibly froggy.

Red coral eyes relate to the red coral in the medicine bundle, lashed onto the pink mother of pearl arrowhead, together with bits of turquoise.

Frogs are a major rain-bringing fetish animal, and are even known in pre-historic shell forms. Frogs are also associated with fertility and abundance.

Rain and water are the ultimate in good luck, presaging, as they do, abundant crops.

This frog does his historic job in a enchantingly beautiful, contemporary way. Lucky owner, indeed!


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