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Green Beaver Fetish


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Solid artistic genes in the artists, an unusual material and color, as well as a sleek shape and finish, make this little beaver a marvelous addition – or start – to your fetish collection.

Abby was born a Quam, a noted name in fetish carving; Clayton is credited with beginning the custom of inlaying heart lines in fetish carvings.

This luminous beaver is carved from a particularly lovely piece of variscite, with a variety of happy-hued light greens.

His eyes and the heartline are inlaid turquoise.

He is carved in the old way, with no great detail, but recognizable.

Note the cross-hatching on his broad, flat beaver tail, a little touch of texture in the glassy stone.

Beavers live in streams, and so are considered good luck, among the desert-swelling Zuni.

This pretty carving will also bring the beaver’s industriousness right into your home!

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Inlaid Turquoise, Natural Variscite