“Grease Kachina”

Pete Sumatzkuku



Another brilliantly drawn and colored miniature of a Hopi kachina, by this master of miniature kachina paintings.

As in all his work, this figure is depicted with the artist’s famous exactitude, and exceptionally naturalistic and detailed.

The Grease kachina is one that is not commonly depicted, among the myriad kachinas, numbering in the hundreds.

He is a runner, and racer, present in the  early Spring ceremony of  Kwiyamuya.  Losing runners supposedly are covered in grease.

it is certainly a kachina that not many people know of, or own, even in a painting.

From the moccasins, ties on his legs, his knees, hands and fingers; foxtail partially visible in the back, and the feathers ton the headdress, every bit of this figure is meticulously realistic and differentiated.

Muted in color – except for the sunshine-y background – but painstaking in detail, this is a wonderful example of the artist’s gift – and a really unusual addition to your collection of kachina lore, or small paintings.

Enjoy as it is, or have it framed; your wall, tabletop, mantel or desk will be enhanced.

The archival mattes will ensure that the picture remains as vibrant as it is, for generations.



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