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Grand Canyon


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Young Navajo artist Chris Peshlakai, is exceptionally talented and, remarkably, entirely self-taught.

He favors landscapes, where his wonderful detail adds to a feeling that transcends realism.

He makes this view of the Grand Canyon come alive by including meticulous detail in the rocks and sky.

The sun-dappled rock and clouds are beautifully contrasted with shadows.

This evocation of approaching dusk, or early morning, is as thrilling as actually viewing the canyon from the rim.

There is visual drama, but also a pervasive serenity; a combination often felt in Chris’ paintings.

With exactingly rendered detail, the artist has captured the majestic scale and monolithic weight of the canyons and mesas.

His style goes beyond mere realism into a dream-like, almost spiritual realm. No matter the medium, his paintings are always poetic.


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Custom Frame and Matte, Gouache (opaque watercolor) on Paper


28" H x 28" W framed