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Graduated Silver Bead Necklace


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A necklace any jeweler would be proud of, but…the artist is only 11-years-old (!) so these beads are truly remarkable. With a plethora of jeweler genes on both sides of his family, this son of Ben Haley and Natasha Peshlakai is definitely carrying the award-winning torch into a new generation.Made according to tradition, in two halves which are then soldered together, the gradual change in size, from front and center to each end, is as well done as each bead. For added drama, each bead is darkened at the ends, to accentuate the definition.A classic necklace, steeped in Navajo jewelry tradition, these graduated beads are given a handsome, slightly new look by this precocious, third-generation jeweler. Start your collection of Luke Haley jewelry now, and boast of your early recognition of his talent, in years to come.

Sterling Silver

Length: 20″