Graduated Corn Row Cuff



Heavenly, baby blue turquoise is cut into a graduated row of “corn kernels”, with one square of chiseled silver as an accent.

The silver is brilliantly polished, nice and solid, and carved into a series of graduated steps, off-center, on either side of the inlaid turquoise.

The workmanship is impeccable; absolutely clean and precise. so is the lapidary work.

Meltingly delicate in hue, the turquoise stones are each pillowed, totally clear, and grow from tiny at each end, to the largest sizes in the center.

The accent square of chiseled silver sparkles like the sterling borders, and adds a subtle bit of texture to the perfectly smooth stones.

Gorgeous color, flawless fabrication, lovely design, and natural stones, are combined in a gloriously dainty looking cuff – that is very, solid and strong.

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Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver


5/8" wide