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Graceful Butterfly Pin/Pendant


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Well-known,  and well-loved for his meticulous silver work and intriguing designs, Lee Charley especially likes to interpret nature’s creatures.

This exquisitely graceful butterfly is particularly lovely, with a beautiful shape and delicate appliqued spirals.

Elegantly curved, it is chiseled into perfectly matching lines, that mimic the fragile wings of the real creature (but are nice and sturdy).

Perfectly formed, dainty silver spirals are applied over the base of silver with two tiny domes of polished silver at either side of the center.

These spirals suggest the intricate designs on butterflies wings, and also refer to journeys – as butterflies flit around, from flower to flower. They also represent water, a desert blessing.

In the center, the slender body of the butterfly is depicted in a series of heavenly blue, natural turquoise circles, and one oval, from the Sleeping Beauty mine.

Even the silver wire antennae are incorporated into the design: they echo the curves and widths of the applied spirals.

Sterling silver is formed into gorgeously refined, delicate shapes, harmoniously balanced. Beautiful turquoise adds vivid color, and repeats the curvaceous forms.

Wear this as a pin, or as a pendant. Both ways, this scrupulously hand fashioned butterfly will garner lots of admiration.

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Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Sterling Silver


2 7/8" L x 2 7/8" W