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Good-Luck Hopi Charm Bracelet


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A vintage find – in our jewelry cases – that we cannot identify positively. Looks like the fine overlay work of Bob Sukakuku, but… no mark.

Whoever made it, it is a delightful, and handsome link bracelet, with hand-fabricated silver links, and seven overlaid disks with a variety of good-luck motifs.

Most of the disks are decorated with rain and water symbols, as is classic for the Hopi, who rely on rain to water their crops.

Stepped designs, spirals that denote rivers and storm clouds, are traditional designs.

However, two of the charms are different: one shows a bear paw, meaning protection and power, the other is a human figure – the recipient of all these good events and blessings.

Taken together, this bracelet is not only lovely to look at, it brings a lot of good luck and blessings to the wearer.

Crisp and decorative in its design and fabrication, this is a lovely bracelet, even without all that good luck.

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Sterling Silver


7 3/4" L flat out, Each Charm is 3/4" Diameter

Wrist Size

6 1/2" – 6 3/4"