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Good Luck Eagle Pendant


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This award-winning Hopi jeweler is known for precisely made overlay silver. His graceful pendant certainly validates that judgment.

Some people carry a rabbit’s foot for good luck, but for the more discriminating, this eagle pendant with rain designs is a much more esthetic choice.

This beautifully formed pendant is very good luck, as well as lovely to look at.

Eagles carry prayers and hopes up to the heavens; rain is a perennial hope for the dry farming Hopi.

With exquisitely cut out, and flawlessly overlaid, this eagle is like a drawing on solid silver.

The head and beak display all the fierce power of the sovereign of the skies, the wingspread is realistically proportioned, and every feather is detailed just enough.

In the center, a traditional rainstorm design echoes the vertical lines of the feathers, and a graceful wavy line extends, on each wing.

These lines represent lightning and are artistically designed to follow the silhouette of the eagle’s wings.

Wear this, and the power of the eagle will be with you. At the very least, you will have a wonderful, handsome pendant.

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Sterling Silver


1 " L x 1 3/4" W