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Good Luck Animal Band


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In the judgement of a recognized specialist in Indian art, “(Aaron John’s) work is fresh, individual, and beautifully made.”

That describes this handsome band ring, perfectly.

As in many of his pieces, Aaron is inspired by the natural world – in this case, animals that are important to Navajo tradition.

Very solid sterling silver forms the darkened base for a row of overlaid, highly polished animals, and an eagle.

There is a horse (Appaloosa, no less!), crucial to transportation and herding, before the era of pick-up trucks; an elk, representing hunting prey – meat, antlers to use for tools, hides, and more.

Then there is a bear, symbol of protection, and hunting and survival skills, and an eagle in flight,

Eagles are sacred because they carry prayers, seemingly up to the heavens.

Above and between the overlaid animals, fans of (eagle) feathers symbolize the prayers for good luck protecting livestock, and luck in hunting.

The result will be happiness, good health, and prosperity.

Although somewhat stylized, each element is clearly defined and recognizable.

The heft of the silver, and the wonderful contrast of dark and gleaming silver give this ring its particular allure.

Good design, good luck, and exemplary skill – all around this ring.

Sorry, but this piece cannot be sized. It will probably fit one of your fingers, so don’t despair.

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