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Golden Chased Arabesque Dangles


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Carlton is one of several contemporary jewelers who have gone far beyond the usual lapidary work that once characterized Zuni jewelry.

In his latest pieces, he has forsaken stones altogether, in favor of intricate, technically demanding chase work on silver and gold.

As seen here, this technique is just as expertly fabricated and designed as his other work.

Feathery swirls are carved into stunning 14k gold, which is then cut out, all hand-to-eye.

The graceful design is as ornate as a Louis XV chandelier; elegant, flirty, and delicious, but light as a feather on the ear.

The amazing work has created a luxurious, delicate, and opulent earring that will embellish a tee-shirt as beautifully as a cocktail dress.

Different, comfortable, versatile, and beautiful; a wonderful achievement in every way.

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14k Gold


1 1/2" L x 1/2" W