Gold Sunface Silver Cuff


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Mentored by his uncle, the late, celebrated Fred Kabotie, founder of the “Hopi style” of jewelry and the Hopi Guild (which trained many jewelers), Watson is a major, prize-winning jeweler.

He is especially noted for his flawless workmanship, the high drama of his designs, which relate to Hopi culture and life, and a very effective mixing of silver and gold.

This stunning cuff has it all.

Heavy-gauge sterling is a darkened and textured base for a series of equally hefty, overlaid designs.

Swirling spirals of silver symbolize water, the source of life – a special good-luck sign in the desert.

Large and small, they surround the center Sunface, resplendent in 14-karat gold.

The balance of sun and water is crucial to growing crops, and thus, is a central theme for the desert-dwelling tribes.

The whirling energy of the design is balanced, and satisfyingly harmonious.

Like an antique brocade, it is both sumptuous, and an artful arrangement of the same motif, in different sizes.

The gold Sunface stands out in gleaming contrast to the black background that surrounds it.

Dramatic as it is, the feathery “rays”and the face itself, have enough negative space to create a lacy effect.

The sun stands out, glowing with warmth, surrounded by the spirals representing water and wind.

The symmetrical arrangement corrals all that wonderful movement, and keeps the sun in spotlit splendor.

With luxurious materials and superb design, as well as masterful execution, this bracelet is truly magnificent.

Yet, you can easily wear it with jeans, as well as velvets. Another masterpiece by this honored jeweler.

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