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Gold Spiral Posts


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The “sandwich” generation in a prolific family of renowned artists, Jolene is a multiple award-winner.

Her recognized style incorporates darkened, almost archaic-looking silver with glistening 18-karat gold, as seen here in these marvelous earrings.

On slightly domed and textured silver, the broad spirals of gold look illuminated by the sun, against a stormy sky.

A close look reveals the dark silver is lobed, to resemble petals. The outer rim – actually the base of the piece – is also textured and oxidized, but not as dark.

The spiral is an ancient symbol, called both the path of life, and the river of life.

Water is precious, and necessary to life, so either way, the symbolism is special.

Also special is the fine workmanship that resulted in this extremely handsome and becoming design.

Tailored enough for work, opulent enough for evening events, and striking enough for any occasion and outfit, these are extraordinary in every setting.

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Sterling silver I 18-Karat Gold


1" Diameter