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Gold Spider Woman Pendant with Coral


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A pendant that combines luxury of materials, elegance of form, and its Navajo origin in the design. The award-winning jeweler keeps a low profile, preferring to create beautifully wrought pieces that combine all these elements and speak for themselves.Overlaid on a base of sterling silver, the gold oval is slightly domed. There is a teardrop-shaped cutout at the center, forming a shadowbox setting for a fine, natural coral surrounded by a toothed bezel. It is precisely the same lovely teardrop form as the cutout, and the pendant as a whole. The repetition of that graceful shape produces a serene harmony. Cut out designs in the gold look like a stylized rug pattern and/or an abstract representation of Spider Woman, the mythical grandmother of the Navajo. She wove the web of the universe and taught the people to look for beauty everywhere in life. Incidentally, she also taught them to weave.With grace of form, warm gold and coral hues, and the gentle drama of overlay designs, this is an enchanting pendant. The bit of authentic Navajo lore the artist included is the icing on the cake. Spider woman certainly taught this jeweler to find beauty around him.

14-Karat Gold, Sterling Silver, Coral

Width: 1″ Height: 2 1/8″ Depth: 1/4″